Chelsea is a death doula committed to alleviating suffering by offering end-of-life support that empowers individuals to contemplate their own unique death. With the intention of exploring and honoring our death, we can live more conscious and joyous lives. Through preparation and acceptance, we can relieve the suffering of those we leave behind by giving them the freedom to grieve in spaciousness and imagine a world in which our final moments on this earth are cherished and sacred. Chelsea is dedicated to creating a compassionate and open container in which the individual feels comfortable navigating and exploring their own emotions, values, and desires around their death, with the intention of co-creating a transformative and peaceful experience in which each soul can be present with their death. 

Chelsea has completed the Going with Grace End of Life course and is NEDA Proficient. She lives part-time in Northern New Mexico and part-time in Santa Barbara, CA. She is open to working with individuals in person as well as virtually.


"This place is a dream. Only a dreamer considers it real. Then, one day death comes like dawn and you wake laughing at what you thought was your grief."